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About S Project

S Project was established in October 2015 under the patronage of the Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP). The organization has the desire to equip children with a full knowledge about gender, as well as skills to protect themselves from the risk of sexual abuse and provide the basis for reproductive health for adolescents.

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S Project gives gifts away UNFPA representativ

Preventing sexual assault day: I can, you can in Quang Binh

One image of the campaign: Sex education! Don't be too late

Ambasadors of S and the journey to school

Children at Nghe An event

One of the best album : Draw your soul - Paint your dream

Children talk about How to protect yourself?

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S Project is a volunteer project

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Story of S 1: “I am more comfortable when saying out!”

“Sadly, not until my first year in university, when I was aware of sex education knowledge did I realize I was the victim of child sexual abuse at that time. I don’t think of revenge or living lonesome. I just wonder if my younger sister was also being sexually abused at that time.” The story […]

Precocious puberty

During puberty, a complex process called hypothalamic – pituitary – gonadal adjustment (HPG) will occur. This process includes these following steps: The brain starts the process: a part of the brain called the hypothalamus produces gonadotropin – releasing hormones (Gn-RH). Additional hormones produced by pituitary gland: Gn-RH leads the pituitary gland – a small bean-shaped […]

How does Indonesia enact Penalty Law for sexual crimes?

Child sexual abuse is an alarming issue in today’s society. Child sexual crimes should be penalized heavily. To ensure the safety for younger generation, Indonesia has enacted many laws. Adolescence is considered a sexual disorder, including sexual desires for underage children (under 14). Pedophiles often assume that these behaviors are “good for children” or “help […]