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About S Project

“S Project is a volunteer project which educates children about sex to prevent them from being abused”.


S Project was established in October 2015 under the patronage of the Center for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP). The organization has the desire to equip children with a full knowledge about gender, as well as skills to protect themselves from the risk of sexual abuse and provide the basis for reproductive health for adolescents.


With the message “Learn to grow up together”, S Project mission is to:

– Provide students with basic, accurate and useful knowledge about gender. Therefore, the children are free from fear of signs of psychological – biological changes in puberty and consciousness formation to keep the body healthy preventing diseases in this period.

– Help them to form the basic awareness to take responsibility in relationships, avoiding unfortunate consequences. The sooner students know about gender, the more mature their mind will be.

– Helps children identify abusive behaviors and sexual harassment. From there, they will gradually develop ways to protect themselves.

– Provide them with knowledge on gender equality, aiming to repel gender inequality in the family and society.

– Contribute to breaking the barriers between parents and children, between school and students, to find the common ground that helps parents, children, schools and students to be more open when they speak about sex education.

– Equipping them with sufficient knowledge to protect themselves when joining the global network, avoiding the traps of social networking when they are living in the Technology Age 4.0.


Over 3 seasons, S Project has held many meaningful programs.

Stage 1

S Project has conducted teaching activities in elementary and secondary schools in Hanoi and organized the contest “Sex Education: Do not Be Afraid” in the country. Stage 1 ended with positive feedback from the schools, students and parents attended. Interest of the public is assessed through:

  • Achieved 2,500 Fanpage likes and the first round reached 103,000 people, 7,000 each week after 3 months of the event;
  • Received more than 213 entries in the companion competition (exceeding the target of 63) within one month;
  • Expanded the public interest through TV channels (VTV6, VTC1, VOVTV) and some newspapers such as VnExpress, Young Pioneers, Zing, Tiin, and Labor.

Stage 2

The project has expanded its audience as well as the scale of its activities to carry the message further. S Project has taught disabled people in the Center for Living Rescue (Hoang Mai, Hanoi), conducted S Project training session at primary and secondary schools in Quang Binh. S Project has also successfully launched its album “Sex Education: Don’t be too late!”. At the last stage of S Project Season 2, the project successfully organized the exhibition and awarded the contest: “Sexual abuse prevention, I can and you too” in the SOS village, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh. The event was not only a useful playground for children of SOS children but also attracted the attention of many parents and children in Quang Binh.

Interest of the public is assessed through:

  • 3,500 Fanpage likes and reached 300,000 people, reaching 9,000 people per week after 4 months of the event;
  • Received more than 100 entries for the contest from kids inside and outside the SOS Village.
  • Attracted all children at Quang Binh SOS Village, Quang Binh Children Support Fund and other departments such as Quang Binh Women’s Union, Quang Binh Department of Education and Training, Dong Hoi Education Department, Representatives of SOS Quang Binh Youth Village, …
  • Expanded the public interest through TV channels (VTV24, QBTV, VOVTV) and some newspapers such as Quang Binh, Youth, Dan Tri Newspaper.

Stage 3

Organization Department of S Project continued to bring messages to children in Nghe An province, including activities: teaching in primary school, secondary school; Successfully organized the “Share to share” event; Companion Writing Contest “Unsent Letters”; The comic “Draw your dream” in Vinh City, Nghe An.

Interest of the public is assessed through:

  • Reached 5000 Fanpage likes and 103,000 people, reaching 9,000 people each week after four months of the event;
  • Received more than 100 comics and 200 entries;
  • Attracted more than 400 students and parents to the festival;
  • The participation of Professor, Ph.D. Nguyen Ngoc Oanh, – Project Advisor, 1st Runner-up Ngo Thanh Thanh Tu – Project Ambassador, guests of the program: Hoang Bach Singer, MA Tran Thi Huong Nhai, and Anh Quan;
  • Received huge attention from agencies in Nghe An province.
  • Expanded the public interest through VTV3, VTV6, NgheanTV, and newspapers such as Nghean24h, Capital Security, Youth …