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11 Jan 2020

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Mahatma Gandhi said: “There is no school as good as the family and no teacher is as good as their parents.” Therefore, sex education for children should be started at an early age when questions related to gender are newly formed. Depending on age, object and personality of each child, we have different ways to […]

16 Dec 2019

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An impersonal fear

“I’m exhausted…I’m desperate…What should I do…What am I supposed to do…Please help me, mom…” Girls tend to confide in her mother. When small, their sheer bliss is to confide all their happiness, sadness, and worry to their mother every night. They many spend hours talking about their day at school and may never get bored. […]

29 Nov 2019

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Invitation Letter

Dear Auditing Companies, Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is a Vietnamese non-profit organization legally registered in 2009. CSDS is addressing development issues in Vietnam with particular focuses on climate change for environment protection, women empowerment through sustainable livelihood support, children support through social inclusion, youth development through international exchange and non-formal education. We will close […]

12 May 2019

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Anh Tu – 2-year member of S Project

Le Hoang Anh Tu, born in Quang Binh province, is a freshman of Duy Tan University. Let’s take a look at his positions in S Project in the last 2 seasons! – Season 2: Member of Event Committee of S Project in Quang Binh. – Season 4: In charge of S Project in Da Nang […]

09 Apr 2019

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Warning signs of child sexual abuse You need to ask questions, do research and have timely plans to support your children when noticing these signs. To children who were abused, the most difficult thing is to talk to their families because they don’t know whom and how to tell about this, or they are threatened […]

08 Apr 2019

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It has always been such a sensitive issue to convey sex education that many parents avoid, even more difficult to teach children at preschool age. These difficulties can derive from many different sides but mostly from the parents and the children. The question here is whether it’s better to teach children sex education through films […]

04 Mar 2019

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Minh Trang – 6th grade student at Nguyen Du secondary school, Quang Nam province talks about sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse is one of the most alarming issues in society today. The raging of sexual offenders has worried many students and their parents. And Nguyen Hoang Minh Trang – a student in class 6/10 at Nguyen Du secondary school, Quang Nam province is also worried about this problem. Let’s listen to her share with […]

14 Feb 2019

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Precocious puberty

During puberty, a complex process called hypothalamic – pituitary – gonadal adjustment (HPG) will occur. This process includes these following steps: The brain starts the process: a part of the brain called the hypothalamus produces gonadotropin – releasing hormones (Gn-RH). Additional hormones produced by pituitary gland: Gn-RH leads the pituitary gland – a small bean-shaped […]

Embrassment in sex-ed between parents and children
29 Oct 2018

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Embrassment in sex-ed between parents and children

The general mindset of Vietnamese children, especially in puberty period, is often embarrassing when it comes to sex. “Embarrassed” is the word that comes up the most in the conversation with Le Hoang Gia Bao, 1st-grade pupil of Nam Ly Primary School, Quang Binh. He said that his parents and teachers instructed him to do […]