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14 Feb 2019

By Le Hoang Dieu Thuy 0

Precocious puberty

During puberty, a complex process called hypothalamic – pituitary – gonadal adjustment (HPG) will occur. This process includes these following steps: The brain starts the process: a part of the brain called the hypothalamus produces gonadotropin – releasing hormones (Gn-RH). Additional hormones produced by pituitary gland: Gn-RH leads the pituitary gland – a small bean-shaped […]

Embrassment in sex-ed between parents and children
29 Oct 2018

By Song Trà 0

Embrassment in sex-ed between parents and children

The general mindset of Vietnamese children, especially in puberty period, is often embarrassing when it comes to sex. “Embarrassed” is the word that comes up the most in the conversation with Le Hoang Gia Bao, 1st-grade pupil of Nam Ly Primary School, Quang Binh. He said that his parents and teachers instructed him to do […]