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13 Dec 2019

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Nguyen Nhat Hoang Linh – Member of HR Department of S Project

Hoang Linh is currently the third – year student of The University of Da Nang – University of Science and Education, major in Psychology. Hoang Linh has been a member of S from season 4.Besides, she also participates in volunteer campaigns in her university, especially, Linh is a member of Youtube channel “Radio Connect”, aiming […]

22 Jun 2019

By Le Hoang Dieu Thuy 0

Hanh Nhi – Head of S Project in the South

Hoang Le Hanh Nhi is currently the second year student of Faculty of Commercial Law – Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. Today, let’s go with S to find out about this girl! Not only always striving to complete the S Project assignments, Nhi is also a very enthusiastic student to join many university […]

07 Jun 2019

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Minh Trang – Head of Human Resources Department of S Project

Nguyen Hoang Minh Trang, a girl from Vinh City, Nghe An, is a freshman of the National Economics University. She is currently a member of Event Department in Hanoi. When mentioning about what brought Minh Trang to S Project, she shared that she knew about this project thanks to a friend when S Project hold […]

20 Apr 2019

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Thu Ha – the girl who has accompanied with S Project for all 4 seasons.

Thu Ha – the girl who has accompanied with S Project for all 4 seasons. Nguyen Thu Ha, a 23-year old girl graduated from Faculty of International Relations of Academy of Journalism and Communication, is currently working at Dai Viet Group. Thanks to Thu Ha’s constant contribution, S Project can be as successful as it […]

12 Apr 2019

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Pham Minh Ly – Outstanding member of the Communication Department

Pham Minh Ly, a girl born in 1996 in Ninh Binh, is a graduate of the Institute of Journalism and Propaganda, and is also one of the long-term members of S project’s communication department from the season 2 till now. Today let’s find out about this beautiful girl with us! In addition to always striving […]

30 Mar 2019

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Phuong Thao – Head of the S Project’s Event Department.

Nguyen Phuong Thao, a 21 year-old girl, is currently a senior in the Faculty of Tourism Management at the National Economics University. She participated in many social activities: + Chairman and Head of Communications of Economic English Club EEC-NEU + Member of Communications of The Marvelous Children Project – sponsored by Centre for Sustainable Development […]

25 Feb 2019

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Hoang Viet – The gentleman of Event Department

Loc Hoang Viet is currently a third-year student, majoring in Banking, at the University of Economics in HCM City. Viet is an outstanding member of S Project season 4. He was born and grew up in Da Lat. To his friends, he is really gentle and nice. Not only being an ardor member always striving […]

25 Jan 2019

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“ Nguyen Hue Thuy” has not been a strange name in S family. She has joined S Project for 2 years and her enthusiasm has contributed significantly to the spreading journey of S season 3 and season 4. Let’s get to know her more together! Hue Thuy, a freshman in National Economics University, is a […]

09 Jan 2019

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Song Tra and the journey to become the president of S Project

To create a better place for children and prevent child sexual harassment, an organization called “S Project” was founded with the aim of instructing children in sex education. And Song Tra, the president of S, contributed substantially to the success of S Project. Let’s learn about her and the way she runs the project with […]

19 Dec 2018

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ICT Da Nang: Position of the young, dynamic

  ICT Danang, an electronic journal in Danang under the management of the Department of Information and Communications of Danang. As the sponsor of information S Project 4 times this season, ICT Danang always accompanied throughout the project. Being licensed to operate from 2015 to now, ICT Da Nang has always attracted readers not only […]