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25 Jan 2019

By Le Hoang Dieu Thuy 0

“ Nguyen Hue Thuy” has not been a strange name in S family. She has joined S Project for 2 years and her enthusiasm has contributed significantly to the spreading journey of S season 3 and season 4. Let’s get to know her more together! Hue Thuy, a freshman in National Economics University, is a […]

09 Jan 2019

By Le Hoang Dieu Thuy 0

Song Tra and the journey to become the president of S Project

To create a better place for children and prevent child sexual harassment, an organization called “S Project” was founded with the aim of instructing children in sex education. And Song Tra, the president of S, contributed substantially to the success of S Project. Let’s learn about her and the way she runs the project with […]