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07 Apr 2019

By Le Hoang Dieu Thuy 0

Proposing to add criminal charges related to child sexual abuse

Under the International Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1989, children are fully protected in terms of health, education and the safest living environment. Therefore, all acts that do harm to children need to be identified and eliminated. In order to tackle with these behaviors, Lawyer Nguyen Van Tu proposed: “In addition to […]

04 Apr 2019

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MC Phan Anh revealed his story of being sexually abused in the past

During the time when the whole society was joining hands to disclose the child sexual abuse, MC Phan Anh  bravely spoke about his own story on his personal page. It is the first time he has revealed specifically about his being sexually harassed in the past. He shared: “6 years old, a friend living near […]

29 Mar 2019

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Rule that parents must teach their children to prevent sexual abuse

We want to introduce to you the rule which parents should teach their children so that we can prevent sexual abuse. PANTS rules P- Private: Tell the child that no one can see or touch their private area, except for some people like doctors, nurses or parents. However, nurses or doctors need to wear a […]

22 Mar 2019

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Tien Tien talks about sexually abused in her childhood: “It is the longest and most terrible time”

Tien Tien, a singer and a songwriter, for the first time, tells the dark story of her childhood that she was unaware of speaking it up to protect herself from mental injury later. Being a victim, I kept silent because I thought that I was a bad person In the past, I used to speak […]

19 Mar 2019

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Should Vietnam introduce chemical castration for child sex offenders?

According to the report of the Ministry of Public Security, in the first 6 months of 2018, there were 720 cases of child abuse, including 573 cases of child sexual abuse, accounting for 79.5% of the total number of child abuse cases. Thereby, the police force has verified, investigated and criminal hanled 538 cases with […]

07 Mar 2019

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Child Sexual Abuse — How Big Is the Problem?

Child abuse is a complex problem and finding adequate solutions are further complicated by the sensitive nature of the issue as well as the young ages at which children are vulnerable. Governments across the world have enacted laws to protect the rights of children and punish child abusers. These include specifying a legal age of […]

28 Feb 2019

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Chemical Castration

According to experts, chemical castration is a method of injecting (or drinking) hormones that are resistant to male sex hormone testosterone, causing testosterone levels in the body to drop to a low level, thereby reducing the need for sexual desire. sex, even thinking about sex disappears. Chemical “castration” has been used in many different forms […]

28 Feb 2019

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How does Japan enact Penalty Law for sexual crime?

In every country in the world, children are always subjects for sexual predators. Meanwhile, children cannot protect themselves and, for many different reasons, cannot denounce those acts of immorality.   “Children in developing countries are facing increasing threats, due to the fact that these countries haven’t been able to provide child protection measures that can […]

11 Feb 2019

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How does Indonesia enact Penalty Law for sexual crimes?

Child sexual abuse is an alarming issue in today’s society. Child sexual crimes should be penalized heavily. To ensure the safety for younger generation, Indonesia has enacted many laws. Adolescence is considered a sexual disorder, including sexual desires for underage children (under 14). Pedophiles often assume that these behaviors are “good for children” or “help […]

25 Dec 2018

By Le Hoang Dieu Thuy 0

Sexual harassment and the juridical consequences

Sexual harassment is one of the most alarming issues in today’s society. It is defined as unwelcome or offensive sexual behaviour that is repeated or is significant enough to have an harmful impact on individuals and on our society. To reduce the number of incidents of sexual harassment, the state legislature has introduced a lot […]