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14 Dec 2019

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 In Essence magazine, the singer and actor confided about her “black childhood”. She denounced the abuser as her babysitter when she was young. Latifah’s parents divorced when she was only 10 years old. Latifah said, her mother often entrusted her to the babysitter, her life became hell when one of the hired people sexually taunted […]

Oprah Winfrey calmly talked about her dark past.
27 Jul 2019

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Oprah Winfrey calmly talked about her dark past.

In 2012, during the talk show with David Letterman and more than 3,000 students, Oprah Winfrey calmly talked about her dark past. She was not only raped when she was 9 years old but also abused many times by her relatives during the period of 10-14 years old. She shared that she must believe that […]

22 Jun 2019

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Phuong Trinh Jolie was sexually harassed by her teacher in the pass.

“The nightmare happened in the year when I was in the 11th grade. The teacher suddenly touched my butt, pushed me to the wall and said that if I ” give ” everything to him, I would not  bother with the score anymore”, Phuong Trinh Jolie said. Phuong Trinh Jolie suffered from the thought of […]

07 Jun 2019

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Life of the pedophile victim in the movie named “Hope”

The film Hope become popular in the online community based on a real case in 2008. The victim named Na Young, 8 years old, was abducted by a 57-year-old man named Jo Doo Soon when she went home after school. He beat and raped brutally the baby in a public toilet. Na Young has a […]

16 May 2019

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Thuy Tien: was about to commit suicide because of being abused many times in the past.

Recently, in a seminar on Buddhism with young people, Thuy Tien suddenly shared about the painful time when she was young, especially when she was sexually abused many times. The singer said when she had been 9 years old, her father had died of tuberculosis, and the family had been also very poor. When her […]

04 May 2019

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The Blue Sky – Barry Lopez ( a true story about a boy who was abused by a doctor)

Source: FB Phan Thi Hoai Nam 1. In 1938, Harry Shier entered a hospital in Toronto and performed an appendectomy for a boy. Because Shier had never been trained in surgery before, he almost failed in performing this operation, which made the boy’s parents angry. Previously there was a lot of skepticism about Shier’s certificate […]

23 Apr 2019

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Entrepreneur Le Hoai Anh first told her story of being sexually abused at 9

Hoai Anh who used to be a lovely girl loses her childhood because she was sexually assaulted by her uncle at 9. “At that time, my mother was a teacher, and my father often had business trips far from their home. Therefore, Hoai Anh developed her independence when she was just a little girl.” Every […]

04 Apr 2019

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MC Phan Anh revealed his story of being sexually abused in the past

During the time when the whole society was joining hands to disclose the child sexual abuse, MC Phan Anh  bravely spoke about his own story on his personal page. It is the first time he has revealed specifically about his being sexually harassed in the past. He shared: “6 years old, a friend living near […]

29 Mar 2019

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Rule that parents must teach their children to prevent sexual abuse

We want to introduce to you the rule which parents should teach their children so that we can prevent sexual abuse. PANTS rules P- Private: Tell the child that no one can see or touch their private area, except for some people like doctors, nurses or parents. However, nurses or doctors need to wear a […]

22 Mar 2019

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Tien Tien talks about sexually abused in her childhood: “It is the longest and most terrible time”

Tien Tien, a singer and a songwriter, for the first time, tells the dark story of her childhood that she was unaware of speaking it up to protect herself from mental injury later. Being a victim, I kept silent because I thought that I was a bad person In the past, I used to speak […]