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Marilyn Monroe’s unhappy childhood

The name Marilyn Monroe reminds people of the beauty, fame or sexy symbol. However, just few people know that behind the light of this star of silver screen is another life full of obstacles. She was also one of the victims of sexual assault at a young age.

Marilyn Monroe – real name is Norma Jeanenson, was born on June 1, 1926. Since birth, she unfortunately lacked the love of the father. Her mother, Gladys Monroe Mortenson, worked at a Hollywood film studio with a poor wage. Soon afterwards, Gladys was depressed and Marilyn was sent to a nursery. She just visited her children at the weekend, taking her to movie theater or to sea.

In 1935, Gladys’ illness was relieved. People thought that 8-year-old Norma Jeanenson could be back to live with her mother, but unfortunately, Gladys’s old symptoms quickly recurred, she had to live rest of her life in a madhouse. Norma Jean was taken care by her mother’s friend, Grace McKee. However, Grace McKee was married and had her own family, taking care of little girl Norma had become difficult, so she was sent to the nursery.

Between 1935 and 1942, Norma Jeanenson moved to 10 different homes, and she lived in an orphanage in one year.

Her tragedy was not only stop at a drifting, precarious life nor the lack of family affection, but also, that little girl Norma Jeanenson, was sexually abused twice.

n 1950, Marilyn suddenly revealed that she was abused at age 8 and 11 years old. No one knows who the abuser is, but based on circumstances and evidence, it may be her second adoptive father and the husband of Grace McKee. He also admitted that he had deliberately done bad things with her on an evening trip home in drunken condition.

Another painful thing is that the reason why Norma Jeanenson had been constantly moving from one place to another, because wherever she went, men around her were always harassing. This bad thing ingrained in her thinking: “I am a bad person”.

There are many opinions around the story of Marilyn Monroe. Some people believe and support her voice, others are skeptical whether she speaks so just to attract the attention of the public? However, with prejudiced stereotypes still in existed in the 1950s, Marilyn’s candid statements could easily put an end to the career of a star, which She did not want to ruin her own efforts.

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