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Oprah Winfrey calmly talked about her dark past.

In 2012, during the talk show with David Letterman and more than 3,000 students, Oprah Winfrey calmly talked about her dark past. She was not only raped when she was 9 years old but also abused many times by her relatives during the period of 10-14 years old. She shared that she must believe that “ strength is greater than herself” to overcome that trauma.

Oprah Winfrey said: “Anyone who had been sexually abused needs long time to rebuild the self-esteem. Everyone has a personal story, each story is important and the same meaning. I tell my story just to make a voice for people who are going through similar things.”

Letterman praised his colleagues for fighting and winning even though her early years had to live in hell. Oprah Winfrey herself affirmed that what she experienced as a teenager made her feel that she needed to share and sympathize with the weak every day. The traumatic experience is also the motivation for Oprah Winfrey from the unknown to become the “media queen” like today.

Before and after this talkshow, she also opened many times about the unfortunate past to inspire people to speak out for fairness and sympathy for the similar situations.

She turned those painful memories into energies to rise and shine. In spite of the pain, she brought the encouragement of victims of sexual abuse as well as other witnesses to speak out for fairness, because sometimes silence is an accomplice to crime.