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Parent and the modern gender story

Have you ever imagined yourself coming out to your dearest friends and family? That you aren’t the one with the current sex and it’s time to publicly talk about that problem. How would people in your family react?

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(Public your deepest secret: That you are gay.)

(From Everyday Feminism)

Almost all Vietnamese families would have responded in a not-quite-positive way to the “gender problem”. Parents wouldn’t be calm. They would keep asking and even take their children to the hospital to check out. They fear the detriment of society. Nowadays, many organizations start changing the way they think of LGBT Community positively. And the story S Project bring to you is one of the successes of changing parents’ perspective about LGBT World. Mrs. Pham Thi Nghi, 43-year-old woman lives in Vung Tau, is a “modern” mother. Unlike other mothers. She is always ready to share, care and understand.

She said that since her kids were small, she has taught them to be themselves, live with their own personality. She is a broad-minded person, she always encourages her children to live independently and freely. “Many a good father has but a bad so. Parents gave birth to the child, God gives the child attitude, so you just can’t base on the society standard to force your kids to develop themselves the way that they don’t feel comfortable with.

If one day her daughters confessed that they are not “girls”, she would totally be fine with that, with who they are. “Honestly, I have never thought of something like that in my life, but if so, I would still love my kids, and be thankful for what they have said because she knows that coming out is super hard for everyone. Parents always love their children. After their coming out, some of them were beaten up, or even kicked out of the house. I feel so unfair for them. Just because of the negativity from the family, gay people don’t feel like being welcomed even in their family, and in our society as well.”

There are many miserable stories of people coming out to their family. Some of them even find suicide to escape from the reality that no one supports them. The truth is harsh, but it is the truth. Everyone in the world may turn back on those people, but their family cannot. The family is the motivation to make them keep moving forward. “It’s the 21st century, 2018, the government allows 2 gay people to get married, society is slowly abandoned their negative thoughts on the third gender. They are human too, they live and work in the same environment as us. Male or female, gay or lesbian, they are all the same”. Ms. Nghi shared.

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(It’s the 21st century, 2018, the government allows 2 gay people to get married)

(From HealthyPlace)

It would have been a huge shock to parents as well as people around about the gender story. It may hard to consent, but as parents, we should be the support, not the negativity spreader to our kids. Let them grow in their own way. Hope that parents would sympathy and understand for people in the LGBT Community. They deserve to be themselves and do the best things in our life.