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Xuan Nghi: ‘Sexual abuse is a crime, a specter stalks every child’

Xuan Nghi officially released a short film named “200k” with the content of criticizing the abuse, pedophile and the things that made the society angry recently.

Recently, netizen all over the world is constantly resentful with negative news related to the pedophile, becoming a threat to women and children.

Related to the concerned problem, recently, Xuan Nghi officially launched a short film called 200k with content that directly criticized the abuse, pedophiles, and things that made the society angry.

According to Xuan Nghi, “Sexual abuse is a crime, a specter stalking every child. Therefore, the community cannot ignore this problem. If we keep our silence, then someday, it will be our children, our brother to be a victim of pedophilia, so Xuan Nghi wants to create this product to “wake people up”, fight against pedophiles.

In the movie, Xuan Nghi plays the role of a man dressed in black, appearing mysteriously in the building, especially before the elevator. However, he is the one who carries out justice, bringing the proper judgment to the corrupted. At the end of the episode, there were many surprises when Xuan Nghi took off the makeup and appeared to be the one who had been abused by the evil man in the past.

Miss Tuong Linh who joined this short film shared, she used to be shy and very nervous when preparing to play flirty scenes with comedian Hoang Son in the elevator at 4 am.

“The upcoming performance, as well as the last scene of the movie, was at 4-5am, Linh was afraid because her role would have to be sexy and flirt with Uncle Hoang Son. Linh worried about not being able to act, planned to finish this scene in a few hours, but Uncle Hoang Son helped Linh with spirit and interaction during the acting time” – Miss Asia shares

Reportedly, the “200k” short film was directly put on the idea, written by Xuan Nghi, and implemented in a rushing time, with a quite famous cast such as Xuan Nghi, Tuong Linh, Hang Le, Hoang Son, and Thao. Liang, Luong Anh Ngoc …